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"For the past couple of years, although I have worked out routinely at Equinox, I was bored and felt I need to enhance my work out and focus on areas I was frustrated with! Thank you Kathy Klein for agreeing to work with me and help make a difference.  Not only is working with Kathy hard work ,yet enjoyable at the same time, I actually notice a difference especially with my arms, stomach and legs and that was my focus from the start. The hour flies by and the results are rewarding.  I am so glad I made the decision to work with Kathy!"

  - Kathy Bridgman, Los Altos









"Kathy's knowledge is incredibly extensive, and she is very patient.  She made sure we all really understood each pose and move, and gave us great tips and hands on adjustments to make sure we were doing it right.  Her style is direct, yet gentle and she brings a lot of humor to her practice.  It's easy to get lost and confused in a big studio class, but Kathy's in home studio classes were great for us.  Very convenient, comprehensive and totally tailored to our needs and limitations.  "

   - Nancy , Los Altos







"Kathy's classes have been a godsend for me! Prior to participating in her mat pilates and weight training classes, my lower back would hurt, sometimes from standing for just a few minutes. I realized just the other day, that I had been walking in and out of stores for one and a half hours carrying a heavy purse, with absolutely no back pain!"

 - Saralyn, Los Altos






"Whether you're an experienced student of mind/body exercises, recovering from an injury, or beginning a fitness program, Kathy offers opportunities to help build strength and improve balance. Kathy's positive style and observant nature encourages you to experience your body with delight and forgiveness in an interactive and peaceful space."

 - Lisa, Los Altos








"I highly recommend Kathy Klein to anyone who is seriously interested in getting the best yoga instruction.  Having her come to our house was very convenient.  She even brought all the mats, blocks, straps, and great music.  Her knowledge is incredibly extensive, and she is very patient. She made sure we really understood each pose and move, and gave us great tips and hands-on adjustments to make sure we were doing it right. Her style is direct, yet gentle, and she brings a lot of humor to her practice.  It's easy to get lost and confused in a big studio class. But Kathy's in-home sessions were great for us... very convenient, comprehensive, and totally tailored to our needs and limitations.  She's perfect!"

 - Shari, Menlo Park






Kathy's caring and enthusiastic encouragement is balm for the body and soul.  In 10 years of exercising with her,  I have always left her studio feeling enlivened, refreshed, and ready to take on anything that comes my way!  (Well, maybe a little tired, too!)

  - Pam, Los Altos







"Afer working out with Kathy, I feel really toned and my core is super strong!"

  - Tavie, Los Altos













"I am so grateful a friend introduced me to Kathy Klein's positive, fun, supportive yoga class.  The studio is beautiful, the music superb, and Kathy's class is a fantastic work-out."

  - Carol, Los Altos









"Kathy has a way of leading you into a yoga pose by cueing appropriately and giving hands-on adjustments when needed to help you get the most benefit out of the pose.  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, Kathy's classes will enhance your practice by providing you with proper alignment and techniques."

 - Sue, San Jose









"Kathy is a wonderful instructor.  In a full class she is able to give personal tips for  improving the exercise routine. She also provides a lot of encouragement to people new to pilates or yoga.  Her knowledge of anatomy helps me to focus on the muscle groups being exercised and even more important what not to do.  She is available after class to help with any individual tips and answer any questions.  Her warm and friendly personality makes one come back for more classes. I always look forward to her class."

 - Mary, Los Altos







"Personally her classes  have helped my golf. I used to have back and flexibility issues. With her pilates class I have built up my core to build up my back and form  which helps with consistent drive without any back issues. Her yoga class has helped me improve my drive distance through increased flexibility and provide me more mental focus (especially when I have hit a bad shot)."

 - Kinney, Cupertino








"Kathy's pilates classes are like a breath of fresh mountain air in my frenzied, stressful life as a member of Silicon Valley's "sandwich generation."

  - Joanne, Mountain View







" Kathy leads an ever creative class which is her greatest strength.  She doesn't want anyone to be bored so she frequently introduces new moves. She understands that the many muscle systems of the body need work from many angles.  She encourages us to challenge ourselves while remaining safe by listening to our bodies.  She educates us as to the biological benefits of various moves and positions, which I find particularly fascinating and motivating."

 - Rita, Sunnyvale










"I would highly recommend Kathy Klein as a  pilates and yoga instructor."

 - Elaine, Los Altos Hills







"I've been taking classes with Kathy for the last 5 years at the studio.  I really like the intimate setting of the studio and the friendships I have developed there.  I have not had any back problems since I've worked out with Kathy due to all the core exercises we do in class."

 - Julie, Los Altos 





"Eight years ago, my doctor strongly said, “Well then, you’ll have to try Yoga!!”.  We were both frustrated at the time, as I was resisting taking meds with harsh side effects for my horrible migraines.  Luckily, I followed doctor’s orders and found Kathy!  Within 2 months of practicing Yoga with her weekly, my migraines subsided completely.  But what continued to unfold in the years to come was far more meaningful, support on my path to Perfect Health and exceptional friends who are attracted to Kathy’s style of teaching.   She’s a genius when it comes to body dynamics and helping you listen to your own body in practice.  She’s challenging at just the right times, and serves all her clients from a place of deep caring.   I highly recommend her Yoga, Pilates and Strength Training Classes.   And, because she’s so dedicated to lifelong learning and mastery of these practices, you will never get bored as she integrates fresh new ideas into her teaching along the way.   With Kathy’s teaching you’ll enjoy the journey! "

 - Michelle, Los Altos







"This is a lovely yoga class led by a very knowledgeable teacher." 

 - Vera, Los Altos 








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